The Group

The Happy Group opened its first restaurant in the El Masnou Marina in 2000. It was immediately successful, and in 2002 the Group opened another restaurant in the same Marina. In 2003 the Happy Group opened what has now become one of its most famous restaurants, the Happy Bar & Grill, which is located in the centre of Barcelona, just a few minutes from the landmark Catalunya Square.

Over the course of its long history the Group has created new gourmet food concepts which it has used to add fresh dimensions to different styles of cuisine, such as traditional Spanish cuisine, cuisine based on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, international cuisine, cuisine specialising in rice and seafood dishes etc. It has also recently introduced a modern restaurant concept with its Pura Brasa restaurants, based on the “gastronomic grill”. Diners can enjoy, in beautiful surroundings, delicious meals prepared using ever-evolving techniques, from traditional grills to dishes cooked using the most technologically-advanced charcoal grill-oven which enhances, heightens, and brings out new flavours in the food with new methods and ways of cooking.

At the Happy Group we are passionate about food and providing delicious meals for our customers and, thanks to the confidence of the thousands and thousands of customers who visit us every day, we believe that together we will be able to continue creating and developing new dishes and menus.

"In Grupo Happy we have a passion for gastronomy and for the vocation of service to our customers and it is thanks to them, to the thousands and thousands of clients that visit us every day, that we are convinced that together we will help to build the gastronomy of the future"